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Automatic Brush Free

  • Automatic Running
  • Automatic Clear
  • Automatic Comparison
  • Automatic Selection Panel

The 360-degree rotating oscillators with varying arm rake angle and differing lengths achieve a superior agitating action by delivering the correct water jet profile onto the enture vehicle surface, not simply a spray of water.

Coupled with a profiled washing arm that matches the vehicle shape, it ensures that the entire vehicle receives the close up high pressure agitation needed to obtain a complete wash.

Every part of the vehicle receives the correct water jet profile, delivered at the correct distance and angle ensuring a fast and efficient wash.

Ultimate Delux Standard
Wheel Turbo Blast * * *
Bug Wash * *
Active Foam Bath * * *
High Pressure Wash * * *
Clear Coat Wax * *
Rainbow Foaming Wax *
(Shine - Revive - UV Protect) *
Spot Free Rinse * * *