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There are 5 self serve bays that are all fully equipped for you to clean and wax your vehicle with ease. We provide the best industry leading SuperSat soap system which perfectly removes all dirt and grease from your vehicle. Not to mention, we offer a complete range of waxes and engine cleaning options. Listed below are the various choices you have available which can be switch between at any time (listed in preferred order of action)

Tyre / engine cleaner Apply tyre/engine cleaner (low pressure) to surface to be cleaned, wait 2 minutes, clean with high pressure soap, avoid contact with skin, eyes or painted surfaces.
Pre-soak Apply pre-soak (low pressure) to entire vehicle from bottom up, then wash with high pressure soap, avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Hot high pressure soap Apply soap to entire vehicle from bottom up
Foaming brush Apply high pressure soap prior to using brush, wash brush prior to use, rinse entire vehicle with high pressure.
High pressure rinse Rinse entire vehicle from top down
Clear coat protectant Apply clear coat protectant (low pressure) to entire vehicle rinse with high pressure, then apply spot free rinse.
High pressure wax Apply wax to entire vehicle. High pressure rinse before using spot free.
Spot free final rinse Apply rinse water (low pressure) to entire vehicle for a spot free finish.